Softball is about growing. It’s about honing in on a skill, dedication, and development. Softball teaches you grit, determination, and resilience after failure. That’s why I founded CNC Fastpitch. I want to help softball players grow. I want to help them perfect their technique. I want to help them learn how to respond to failure and come out better leaders. I want them to improve everyday and refuse to stop until they reach their goals. I’ve been trained by some of the best coaches out there and have competed across the country with top level players. It’s my mission to share all that I’ve learned with the next generation of softball players.



About Coach Nikki

 Hi, I’m Coach Nikki. I’m tough, I’m loud, and I have a message I want young athletes to learn – to be fearless, mindful and resilient. To maximize opportunity and respond to failure. I live that out and want to instill that in every athlete I come across.

I know the game. Originally from Michigan, I was the four year starting varsity catcher for my high school. I joined a national travel team when I was 15 and competed in over 22 states. My journey led me to Minnesota, where I was the four year starting catcher at Macalester College. I graduated with degrees in Neuroscience and Economics. I’ve been coaching for over 5 years across the country and as far away as South Africa. Many of my girls have gone on to play at the collegiate level. I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the best minds in the game, and now I look forward building the next generation of softball players.

So if you want different, if you want fast paced, if you want to GROW, join the CNC Family today!